Bob Hora poses with the 1939M he restored to showroom glory, and a copy of the magazine which features the tractor. Photo taken by Nicolette Nauman, HSE Editor.

Hillsboro Local Receives Recognition For Tractor Restoration

Long-time Hillsboro resident Bob Hora has recently achieved a bit of fame with a tractor he’s been restoring. The 1939M graced the cover of Red Power Magazine, showing off the impressive amount of work Hora put into returning the machine to showroom brilliance.

Hora had his eye on the tractor long before he was able to restore it. The tractor originally belonged to Paul Degner, and Hora was particularly interested in the tractor’s serial number: 708. Such a serial number indicates that it was likely made as early as 1938, and was one of the earlier examples of its particular make and model to be made.

After graduating from Hillsboro in 1951 and spending some time in the army, serving in the Korean War, Hora returned to the Hillsboro area and settled down in June or 1960, getting his hands on the 1939M not long afterwards. Ever since, he’s been working on restoring the tractor to its former glory.

While Hora has only restored two tractors thus far, his attention to detail and interest in process comes out in the quality of his work. Hora attributes the tractor’s final appearance to the paintwork done by Bob Clark, who also works on restoring tractors out of his farm located north of Yuba.

“[The tractor is] sharper than brand new,” Hora says.

The folks at Red Power Magazine seem to agree, as they contacted Hora last year to see about getting the restored 1939M on the cover of one of their upcoming publications. Photos were taken on Hora’s brother’s farm just outside of Hillsboro, and in the park up by the historical complex, the latter of which earned a spot on the cover.

Hora is considering restoring another tractor, adding a third to his restoration resume, though he hasn’t entirely come to a decision.

“When you get something that old, it takes a lot of work [to restore],” explains Hora.

Today, Hora spends his time working at his shop along Water Avenue in Hillsboro, providing the parts that keep farm machinery up and going, and our farmers able to work.

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