Hillsboro School Board Re-Negotiates Administrative Contracts

At a recent board meeting, members of Hillsboro School District’s administrative staff re-negotiated their employment contracts. Items included in the contracts range from administrative salaries to benefits to provisions regarding performance evaluation and contract termination. Current administrative contracts, which were initially meant to continue into June of 2022, are to be replaced with renegotiated contracts beginning on July 1 of this year.

Under the new contracts, Koopman will be salaried at $95,482.20; Christianson will be salaried at $89,758.76; Boldon at $98,881.16; and Bisarek at $122,956.17.

In the Scenic Bluffs Conference, current average salaries for high school and middle school principals range from $91,500 to $103,954. For elementary principals, salaries range from $80,000 to $100,000. For business managers, salaries range from  $95,000 to $139,000—however, only two schools in the conference have a licensed business manager; the remaining districts have different business office arrangements. For those in superintendent positions, the conference ranges from $107,017 to $127,781 in terms of salaries.

The benefits included in the contracts, which are uniform across all four administrative positions within the district, include health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, contributions to both the Wisconsin Retirement System and an annual 403(b), long-term disability, and sick leave and vacation days.

According to the contracts for all four administrative personnel, the school board has agreed to pay 88% of the monthly premium costs for both health and dental insurances. Both policies are specified as family coverage in three of the four contracts, with the contract for Mindy Boldon worded to include single or family coverage plans.

The Wisconsin Retirement Fund(WRF), which is a state-run pension plan created to provide public employees as well as their beneficiaries with a lifetime retirement payment. The amount is formulated based on the employee’s three highest earning years, years of creditable service, and an actuarial reduction should the employee retire early, all of which is multiplied by a specific formula based on which area of the public sector the employee works. Administrators in the Hillsboro School District can expect contributions from the district ranging from $3,500 to $5,000 based on the aforementioned criteria.

In addition to the WRF, the board has also agreed to make annual, non-elective contributions to a 403(b) plan in amounts equal to 4% of the administrator’s salary from the previous year. Currently, high school/middle school principal Chris Koopman is salaried at $93,840; elementary principal Steve Christianson is salaried at $88,215; business manager Mindy Boldon is salaried at $97,180.50; and superintendent Curt Bisarek is salaried at $120,841.44.

Limited life insurance policies have also been included in the contracts, valued at two times the annual salary of the administrator in question.

When benefit totals are added to base salaries, Koopman is contracted to receive $131,850; Christianson $127,443; Boldon 147,920; and Bisarek $165,831.

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