Roughly 14 chairs (and a nightstand) will be put up for auction over the next few months to help benefit the fine arts program at Wonewoc-Center Schools. The auction, which was originally meant to take place last April, was put on hold due to COVID-19 and has been reformatted for an online medium. Photo taken by Nicolette Nauman, HSE Editor. Logan Mortimer shows off his chair, dubbed ‘Peaceful Isolation,’ a tribute to the pleasant sort of isolation one can find while out in nature.  Photo taken by Nicolette Nauman, HSE Editor.Rebecca Jalinski poses with her creation, titled ‘Eerie Vibes.’ Tapping into the rocker’s basic motion, Jalinski’s design is meant to emulate the eerie feelings that can come from life’s ups and downs and mixed emotions. Photo taken by Nicolette Nauman, HSE Editor.Shelby Justman shows off her chair, inspired by the poem ‘In Flanders Field,’ honoring local veterans and remembering those who did not return home through the use of brilliant red poppies. Photo taken by Nicolette Nauman, HSE Editor.Dylan Britzman poses with his piece, titled ‘Rockin’ The 80s.’ The chair aims for a nostalgic feeling, heralding back to the days of Michael Jackson, Prince, Hulk Hogan, and Cindi Lauper. Photo taken by Nicolette Nauman, HSE Editor.Anthony Farnum poses with his chair, which celebrates the brilliant colors of the rainbow and offers a colorful seat for whomever gets to take it home. Photo taken by Nicolette Nauman, HSE Editor.Sunflowers are the name of Sierra Bailey’s game, her chair a bright and cheerful tribute to her favorite flower. Photo taken by Nicolette Nauman, HSE Editor.

Wonewoc-Center To Host Online "Chair-ity" Auction

The sudden arrival of COVID-19 drastically altered the spring semester for students in the 2019-2020 school year. Almost overnight, the typical events of the season were canceled or postponed, leaving students bereft of many of the traditional experiences the spring semester brings.

One such event was Wonewoc-Center’s Fine Arts Night, where the school’s young artists would be able to show off their talents for the community. Part of the event, originally planned for April, involved auctioning off a series of chairs painted by the art students.

Now, just shy of a year after COVID-19 took the world by storm, the art students of Wonewoc-Center will be having that Fine Arts Night after all. While the event itself will be carried out virtually, the details for which are still be fine-tuned, the auction has been similarly reworked into an online format.

Each week, beginning on Monday, January 18, one of the chairs will be shown off through the school’s Facebook page and community members will be able to submit their bids through the social media platform.

Art teacher Megan Danahy filmed a Facebook Live video on Friday, January 15, to show off the chairs up for auction and give the Wonewoc-Center community a quick rundown on how the auctions would be conducted. Approximately fourteen chairs (and a nightstand) will be auctioned off over the next few months.

Students were asked to submit a small blurb on their chair and the theme they chose while painting it, which school officials will read off when the time comes for the chair in question to be presented to the community. All of the proceeds collected from the auction will be put towards the school’s fine arts program, enabling more of the district’s budding young artists to explore and develop their artistic talents in the future.

To check out all of the chairs up for auction, please visit the Wonewoc-Center School District’s Facebook page.

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